Dust Prophet (from L-R): Tyler MacPherson, Jason Doyle, Otto Kinzel, & Sarah Wappler.

The end of all we know is coming and Dust Prophet will lead us through the fallout.  

Drawing inspiration from humanity's fragile existence, as well as genre-defining bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Tool and Clutch, Dust Prophet is poised to take the Stoner & Doom Metal world by storm.  

Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, Dust Prophet came together in 2019 as the project of longtime friends and musical collaborators Sarah Wappler (bass & keyboards) and Otto Kinzel (guitar & vocals). Soon joined by Tyler MacPherson (drums) & most recently by Jason Doyle (Guitar), the band shifted into high gear writing music.  

Dust Prophet’s lyrics (written by Kinzel) draw inspiration from the graphic imagery of classic literary works like the epic poem Paradise Lost, Gothic writers Flannery O’Connor, Ray Russell, & apocalyptic Biblical legends.  The music strives to blend the band’s love of 70’s Psychedelic drug rock with down tuned, riff focused metal and hypotonic rhythm patterns.  

Dust Prophet is on the fast track to notoriety -- if the world doesn't end first.