We've added some new pictures to our Live Pics album, all from this past Saturday's show at Dusk (Providence, RI). Check it out!


We've also added a new LIVE video from our set. Check it out on our Video page. 



Our friends at Alternative Control wrote a really cool preview of our upcoming single Shadow Army (being released on 5/31!).  Check it out by going HERE


We have an official release date for our next single, Shadow Army. We will be releasing Shadow Army Friday May 31st! Stay tuned...



Just a reminder, our next single will be coming out within the next couple of weeks! It's going to be called Shadow Army, and we'll be revealing more details about a specific releases date very soon!


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We've been busy with lots of recording and gigs. We have new pictures from…



Otto was a guest on Citywide Blackout, a show he has appeared on several times before. You can listen to his interview by going HERE.



Otto was a guest host on Metal Devastation Radio yesterday. He hosted a show called The Takeover and got to play several songs from his favorite local and indie artists. You can listen to it on MDR by going HERE



Dust Prophet has been included on the upcoming podcast Fistful of Doom. Thank you to Jamey for the exposure and support! Check it out by going HERE. 



We've had some really cool things happen to us this past week.

First, all four members of Dust Prophet were featured in a segment of Nerd Talk, on Alternative Control. We discussed our favorite video games, movies, books and…


We are beyond thrilled to be a part of this bad ass compilation album by Alternative Control: VOLUME DOOM

We are extremely grateful to Jessie and her entire crew at Alternative Control for including us, alongside such awesome…